Time and Expense Charges for Ralph Cunningham, Inc.

Beginning January 1, 2018

Time, including travel time and delays beyond my control, is billed in hours and tenths of an hour. Office time, including evaluations, calculations, conferences, research (when needed) and report writing, is also billed in hours and tenths of an hour. The rate for time is $200.00 per hour.

Automobile/pickup truck travel is billed at $0.60 per mile, round trip.

Other transportation expenses, such as air fare, parking, rental car charges, taxi fare, etc., are billed at cost.

Lodging, meals, and similar charges are also billed at cost.

Photographs are $2.00 each. Color laser prints/reprints are $1.00 each in 4" by 6" nominal size on a single 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper, plus associated time, if applicable. Other reproduction services are available at duplication and/or printing charges which vary with the media and desired output.

Digital images will generally be provided in both JPEG and propriety RAW formats. Conversion to other common formats can be provided on CD or DVD; prices depend on the quantity, quality, and methods desired and available and will include the time necessary for conversion and optical storage.

Night still photography incurs additional charges for assuring that the photographs are accurate renditions of the site. Illuminance meter, when used, incurs a per-use charge of $50.00.

Charges associated with site surveys, drawings, and related activities will depend on the site, on the extent of site measurement required, and on the extent of detail shown on and the size of the drawing(s).

Some software incurs billing, such as SMAC at $100, CRASH and REC-TEC at $50 each, automobile database access at $50 each vehicle, and crush profiles for each specific vehicle (where available) at variable pricing (typically $50 to $100 per vehicle).

Vericom VC4000DAQ Vehicle Performance Testing Computer, $100 per use, and additional vehicle-related charges may apply for skid or side-slip testing.

Use of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (Event Data Recorder download) Toolkit and associated hardware, software, and tools will incur a per-vehicle or per-day or per-file equipment use charge of $100.00. Bench downloads of ACMs, where feasible, are $300.00 each, for ACMs delivered to me and not subsequently stored by me.

Materials acquired for additional detailed examination or retained as evidence can be stored by me. Most such items will incur an annual storage fee of $125.00, payable in advance for storage for one year or any portion of that year. There may also be an additional charge when the item or items are shipped and/or when the items are unusually large or heavy.

In general, your description of the extent of the desired investigation and the known location(s) of the vehicle(s) and site(s) will allow a reasonably accurate estimate of anticipated time and expense charges for a potential evaluation. Please call, write, or email any time you have a question concerning services or fees.

About my invoices: In general, an invoice is sent when a written report is issued or when the file is closed without issuing a written report. Invoices are payable upon receipt and are overdue if not paid within thirty (30) days. An invoice which is overdue by thirty days will incur a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) late fee. If an invoice remains unpaid for another 30 days, the monthly late fee increases to fifty dollars ($50.00). An additional fifty-dollar late fee will be added for each additional thirty-day increment in which the invoice remains unpaid. For any invoice not paid within one hundred and twenty (120) days, an additional twenty-five percent of the invoice total, including the supplemental late fees, will be added, and the invoice will be surrendered to a collection agency.

Ralph Cunningham, Inc.

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